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Finding time to go to the gym can be difficult. So can surmounting the seemingly insurmountable fear of starting a workout routine as a beginner. This is why I created MSBH Fitness & Wellness and coined myself the “Traveling Trainer”. I wanted to be able to offer in-home personal training services to combat those challenges and more. Training at home is a quick and convenient way to get your workouts in and get them done, with no room for excuses. I guide you through your transformation journey by providing all the necessary tools and motivation. I supply the equipment needed for each session, design a training program based on your specific goals, and provide coaching on how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. Each session is 45 minutes and tailored completely to your specific needs. This is the perfect amount of time to stay motivated and to keep pushing! It’s all about training quickly and effectively.


Having a trainer come to your home cuts down on the amount of workout time you need. There’s no looking for a babysitter, no need to drive to a destination, and no temptation to drive past the gym on the way home. It’s perfect for new moms, those with busy schedules, and beginners who have never been to a gym before. It’s also a great addition for conditioned athletes who are looking to cross train. Because my FIT Style incorporates a strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and CORE component each session, it is great for all fitness levels!


Are you asking yourself, is this right for me? Should I give this a try? Can I do this? The answer is, yes! You can do this. Take it from me and forget about past experiences. I am here to help you achieve the very best you at this moment in time… “It Starts Today!”

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